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Durancia in Montgenèvre – the softness break…

Situated at an altitude of 1860 metres on the Italian border, Montgenèvre is a peaceful haven where one can freely enjoy a wealth of unspoilt mountain resources.

At the end of 2014, Durancia, the new Alpine spa and leisure pool complex, opened in the heart of the village of Montgenèvre.

What would you say to an invitation on a journey, in a brand new facility where different luxurious worlds await you?

On this journey enjoy the beneficial effects of water, be it bubbling or flowing, in hydrating steam or purifying dryness, where you can relax, swim or simply indulge yourself…

The destinations are an Aquatic universe with a spa and leisure pool and a Well-being area.

Other destinations are waiting for you. NUXE Spa offers treatments specially designed for the Durancia clientele.

you can also try our new Fitness area !

Presentation of Durancia 2018 – 2019

Download the brochure in PDF format

Durancia Care 2019

Download the brochure in PDF format


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If you are hungry, go at the first floor to discover the Café de l’Eau, where you can taste great Italian food!