Durancia, a sensory, poetic experience

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“The story of the Durancia leisure pool and spa begins with a need for renewal. The commune wished to replace the public swimming pool, which had become obsolete. At the same time, Montgenèvre, the oldest of all the winter sports resorts, was committed to a tourism development programme 2001-2025, with the aim of providing excellent leisure facilities, in particular by diversifying what was currently available.

Offering a year-round activity for those wishing to live in the mountains, and at the same time meeting the evolving demands of the clientele, the creation of the Durancia centre appeared the obvious way to go. And so the architect, Mr Luis Reggiardo from the Lyon based firm, ATLAS, decided to propose a sympathetic and attractive building, simple architecture, inspired by the scenery along the banks of the Durance river, using local materials.

The centre provides a sensorial experience around water, light, the natural materials found nearby, and sounds. This experience would not be complete without a strong link to local culture and to the history of Montgenèvre, which serves as a link between Italy and France. The concept is poetic.

The pools in which you will bathe give the impression of the Durance flowing out from between two Alpine meadows, but sheltered from the vagaries of the climate by their curved walls.

It is a beautiful project, sustainable and intelligent. Its integration into the surrounding scenery is complete; it respects the environment, the culture and the history of the resort. Montgenevre has successfully combined tradition and heritage with innovation and new trends.”

Guy Hermitte, Mayor of Montgenèvre