Relaxation, simplicity, well-being, a sensory journey from Scandinavia to Japan throughtout Germany … or simply a stopover in Montgenèvre where scenery of high mountain peaks, noble larch forests and clear skies will lead you to a more quiet place.

A journey reserved just for adults!

  • 2 Kneipp pools (from Germany): 1 cold water pool at 12°C and 1 hot water pool at 40°C. These pools help stimulate blood circulation and stabilise the vascular system.
  • 2 saunas, 2 scents, 2 heats
    • Sauna 80 ° C Mediterranean scent, good balance and floral aromas.
    • Sauna 90 ° C Oriental scent, positivant warm and woody aromas.
  • Saline mist room
  • Japanese Onsen hot water pool
  • Private sun deck
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Remember your close-fitting swimming costume and your towel!

PLEASE NOTE: shorts and bermudas are not allowed!